Friday, August 23, 2013

Physics Updates

Today is "Physics Improvement Day" - I've made changes to character control and block physics.

Character Controller

The character controller has been adjusted to allow autoclimbing up to single block height.  No more pressing SPACE like a demented rabbit just to climb hills.  I've also tweaked movement speeds and gravity caps.  It still needs some work, but the behaviour now feels a lot better (at least to me).

Block Destruction

I've also adjusted block destruction in a couple of ways.  First, blocks have densities that match their strength.  So basically, the stronger a block is, the harder it is to knock out of the way.  This isn't realistic in the strictest sense, but it allows for some interesting gameplay.  For example, walls made of hard blocks will be tougher to knock down.  Your first shot will probably knock several blocks free from the terrain, but tough materials probably won't move much.  This means you can actually put up a barrier and it has a hope of standing against a couple of shots.
The second change to block destruction is the size blocks spawn at when knocked loose.  They have a greater tendancy to be full sized now, allowing for that experience of battering bricks out of a castle wall instead of having them all disintegrate.  As an added bonus, cave-ins are much more impressive.  This will make caving in tunnels a lot more effective way to hurt opponents once physics-based player damage is in.

There's still a lot to do before it's an actual game, but it's coming along nicely.

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