Sunday, September 8, 2013

What good are rockets without something to shoot?

Enemies are here!

Yes, that's right - there's stuff to shoot now.  Defeat the rocket launcher-toting yellow pill capsules (aka placeholder graphics) before they get you!  Here's a quick summary of what's been changed with the Junk Engine in general, and ZOMG Rockets! in particular:

Junk Engine Changes

Added a fixed-size mode to the world manager

When in fixed-size mode:
  • The map has a finite size defined in chunk intervals
  • The entire map is loaded all at once
  • Gameplay is paused during world load, and the player gets a birds-eye view of construction
  • Boundaries are placed around the world to prevent actors from leaving (though you can shoot rockets off into the sunset if you want)

Added NPCs

The Game Manager now supports spawning of NPCs.  Spawning behaviour so far is very simple.  The level defines an initial number of enemies, along with a minimum active number, and the total number of NPCs for the level:
  • The initial number of NPCs are spawned after level load (or immediately, if the level isn't in fixed-size mode)
  • If the number of active NPCs drops below the minimum, additional NPCs are spawned
  • When the number of total NPCs that have been spawned meets the defined total, spawning stops
NPCs have basic AI support through the AI class.  Currently this is a simple state machine, with more advanced behaviour to come later.

ZOMG Rockets! Changes

ZOMG Rockets! has been changed to use fixed size worlds, and has basic victory and defeat conditions.  Yes, it's possible to get your ass handed to you by a Dr. Mario reject:
As usual, you can try the latest build here.

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