Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FPS Mesh Tool v1.0.1b

Just a quick update today.  On Sunday night I submitted an FPS Mesh Tool update to the Unity Asset Store that resolves a few issues and changes the required Unity version from 4.6.1 to 4.3.0.  This should let a lot of you who haven't been able to download it due to being stuck on older versions to do so.

FPS Mesh Tool v1.0.1b changelog:

  • Made root bone detection more robust
    • Resolves "Select a bone that is a child of head" with MakeHuman models
  • Improved head/arm bone detection for MakeHuman and Daz3d models
  • Preview instance now always created near source object - no more hunting for it at 0,0,0
  • Fixed a glitch with transparent materials
  • Moved from Unity 4.6.1 to 4.3.0f4

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