Saturday, October 19, 2013

When you shoot something with a rocket... should ragdoll gaily through the air.

Tired of those yellow pills just disappearing when you shoot them?  Well, no longer!  Yes, that's right - ragdoll pill corpse physics have been added to ZOMG Rockets!

Introducing corpses was actually fairly simple.  It was just a matter of disabling input and AI on death, adding (and enabling) a collider on your weapon (to stop the cute little pill corpses from rolling forever), and setting rigidbody.freezeRotation to false for that endearingly haphazard final flight.  The result?  Instant hilarity.
A job well done
As an added bonus, when you die you leave behind this sobering reminder of your mortality:

For extra laughs, try using the Repulsor on corpses.  As usual, you can play the latest version here:

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